Vivo is an enterprise mobile application, and if your company or agency has signed up with us, chances are you’re already in our system. Be sure to check with your office first. At initial sign up, you’ll need to provide your email address, and set a password of your choosing. If you’re unsuccessful, you may have inadvertantly signed in, as opposed to signing up.

Ahh, the fun part. Using Settings, you have the opportunity to customize an activity plan based on your own unique goals. Simply set a Yearly Production Goal, adjust your sales activity ratios, and Vivo will break it all down for you. Goals are broken into Yearly, Quarterly, and Weekly Focus Plans, each of which is built into a progress bar. The further you are in the green, the more confidence you’ll have in achieving your goals.

Using Daily Activity Points Tracking, there are no more spreadsheets, paper forms, or intranet systems to take you away from selling. With Vivo, business planning and activity tracking are at your fingertips, 24/7, as it happens. Simply use the + and – buttons to record your stats. Built on the principles of GAMA Hall of Famer and Vivo Co-Founder John Baier’s 25 Point System, Vivo tracks 10 critical activity points throughout the day, allowing you to see where you stand relative to your goals at any time. At midnight, your daily points reset to zero, but are always retrievable through Activity Data History.

Never. At Vivo, we believe strongly in the impact our product can have on your business, but if for whatever reason, you decide it’s not the right fit for your agency, simply email us at least 15 days prior to your next billing cycle, and you’re off the hook. All contracts are month to month, though we do offer a discount for those who opt to pay for the full year in advance. And as a company or agency, should a producer leave the firm, or otherwise wish to discontinue service, let us know that as well, and we’ll remove them from your billing statement.

Vivo 2.0, due to be released later this year, will bring integration for SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar and Zoho, making it easier for producers to leverage Vivo as the hub for two of the most important technology drivers influencing retention – business productivity tools and training and development tools.

Absolutely. Through our affiliates, Baier Consulting International, LLC and Vivo Enagement, LLC, our Founders John Baier and Derek Wright are seasoned Producers and Field Managers who’ve committed their full-time effort to you, and helping you develop the skills, mindset and discipline needed to succeed in the Financial services industry. Whether you need support in leveraging the power of Vivo in your agency, or a more tailored approach to coaching and development, we’re here to support you on site, in any way we can.

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